Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Only Way Out

Sometimes, the only way out of something is to get into it. Take income tax preparation, for example. You can procrastinate all you want, but sooner or later you need to get it done. If you wait, you add time and misery to the process and still have to complete it in the long run. To get out of it, you need to get into it - do them sooner and avoid weeks or months of aggravation and frustration.

Winter is another example. Every time I hear someone complain about winter, I wonder why not embrace the season and participate? Ski, hike, snowshoe, skate, walk, explore. Winter transforms familiar places into new vistas and experiences. A sight you've seen a hundred times before looks entirely different when coated with a dusting of snow. Dress properly - pay attention to the weather and your surroundings and meet winter on its own terms.

So, get into it - embrace it - and you run it, instead of it running you. To get out of it, get into it !